krishna Sunday

your weekly spiritual recharge

Krishna Sunday is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the culture, the sounds and tastes of bhakti yoga, for a full day - every week! Think of Krishna Sunday as your weekly spiritual recharge - a chance to taste a realm of devotion beyond the pushes and pulls of the material world. It is open and relevant to everyone - from those new to bhakti yoga right through to those with years of experience. 

Here's what to expect

​Krishna Sunday begins at 7am with a philosophical discourse on the five thousand year old yoga texts of India. This is focused on presenting an alternative to the stress and pressure of modern life, while at the same time providing inspiration and keys on how to improve your own devotional practice. At 8:00am we hold kirtan - a musical call and response in appreciation for our teachers who reveal the path of bhakti. This is followed by a pure vegetarian breakfast at 8:30am. Following breakfast, you are welcome to spend time in the temple - either through more meditation, reading our books, engaging in kirtan, or getting to know the other devotees. A key aspect of bhakti yoga is the principle of seva - or service in gratitude. And so, from 2pm we welcome you to assist in the kitchen to learn the art of cooking Hare Krishna food for our world renowned  Sunday Feast. The Feast has been a permanent fixture in Hare Krishna Centres around the world for over 50 years. Participate in devotional  kirtan, stimulate your intellect through our philosophical presentation and absorb your taste buds in our amazing vegetarian feast. All in all, a full day absorbed in Krishna Conscious practice is the perfect way to recharge your batteries and provide meaning and purpose for your week ahead. We invite you to join us this Sunday!

Krishna Sunday - Extra!

​As part of our service to you, we present Krishna Sunday Extra! Once monthly, as part of Krishna Sunday, you have the chance to upskill your offerings through our bhakti training programme. Between 11am and 1pm, you can learn how to cook authentic Hare Krishna vegetarian dishes, learn to play traditional kirtan instruments, and bring your philosophical questions for discussion and contemplation. Participants will be split into three groups with a rotation every thirty minutes so that everyone can benefit from all three activities. This concludes at 1pm with a vegetarian lunch for everyone. All this for only $10! Come along and make the most of this opportunity to upskill and become a regular participant in temple activities! **

**Please note this programme is yet to begin. The first Krishna Sunday Extra! will be announced on our website and through our Facebook page. Stay tuned!