weekly SINCE 1966

The Sunday Feast was established in Hare Krishna Centres over fifty years ago by our founder, His Divine Grace AC Bhativedanta Swami Prabhupada. Since 1966, the Sunday Feast has been an opportunity to experience all the key elements of Krishna Consciousness in a few hours. Participate in musical call and response chanting  (kirtan), stimulate your intellect and discover the secrets of the yoga texts through our philosophical discourse, and absorb your taste buds in our sumptuous vegetarian feast. At the Hare Krishna Centre in Christchurch, we encourage you get involved for a full day every Sunday through our Krishna Sunday programme. However, if you can only make it in the evening, we welcome you to attend the Sunday Feast. It has stood the test of time for over fifty years, and is guaranteed to be an uplifting spiritual experience. Our motto - "Come hungry and bring a friend!"


5:00 - Seated Kirtan (Call and response chanting to musical accompaniment)
6:00 - Discourse on the practice of bhakti yoga
6:30pm - Arati- ancient worship according to tradition, accompanied by kirtan
7:00pm - Vegetarian Feast